Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can you make sure you tips will help win money?

One fact, information. Every investment is about information, the side that able to have more information that side will be always the winner. We are a company that gathered most exclusive information from all major and minor sportsbook, underground sportsbook, bettor community and sports team insider. Information consist from daily bets amount, team performance, match fixing news, amount of stakes and odds movement. With all our information we just need a small team to analyse it and able to provide a consistent winning community.

2. After payment made, what will i receive?

We have total 3 kind of purchase, we sell 1 single 1x2 tip for $300, 14 days membership for $2500 that have minimum 14 1x2 tips and 1 correct score tip for $3500 with minimum odds of 6 to 40. All purchase come with guaranteed replacement policy, for losing tip we will provide 2 same category tip for free. With this policy we ensure that all purchaser will gain profits. All purchased tip will send directly to your email with instruction on which team to bet on, the odds and the event of the game. If you need free advise on bankroll management and match statistic please inform us and we will send it together with the tip.

3. How can i make sure you are not a scammer? Can i have trial tips?

First of all, no trial or free tips. What can 1 or 2 or 3 trial tips proof anything? If we keep providing trial tips then why our members need to subscribe to us, they can just switch new email and ask for a trial tip everyday. We are trying hard to proof that we are a genuine yet reliable service, one of the way is to monitor by a independent 3rd party. We currently are a monitored tipster by if you have any other suggestion on monitoring company, you are always welcome to tell us and we will join them but website owner don’t try funny thing for our money. We will check carefully about the site profile. guaranteed members satisfaction with both customer support and profits. We have a team dedicated to reply all emails and inquiry in within 2 hours time. And replacement for losing tips for any type of subscription from single tip, membership pack to correct score purchase. We will have replacement to cover loses of losing tips and extra repalcement for gaining profits.
All tips release and shown in is monitored by a reliable 3rd party monitoring system since 2013. To ensure all members that our service is 100% genuine.